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Best Walks of Geelong, the Bellarine and the Brisbane Ranges

Best Walks of Geelong, the Bellarine and the Brisbane Ranges

Hi everyone

Just a quick post to let you know that the 2nd print run of Best Walks of Geelong, the Bellarine and the Brisbane Ranges is now available and in stock at Woodslane Press, so your local bookseller should be able to order it. Yay!  Also, at the upcoming Melbourne Dog Lovers Show, on the first weekend in May, you’ll be able to pick up ‘Melbourne for Dogs’ at the show’s book shop, run by Avenue Bookstore. Amidst all that excitement, time for me to focus on the final write up of Best Walks of the Great Ocean Road, before my long-suffering co-author, Neil Fahey, over at Bushwalking Blog, falls asleep in disgust!  Should be out mid year.

Meantime, I am excited about my forthcoming birthday walk – 6 days on the Larapinta Trail – in central Australia. I love, love, LOVE deserts and one of my all time favourite travel moments was 4 days in the deserts of Wadi Rum in Jordan when I was doing that backpacker thang.

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Melbourne's Best Bush Bay and City Walks

Great news!  Today, my copy of Melbourne’s Best Bush, Bay and City Walks arrived, which means it is also now available through bookstores, other retailers and online – just in time for Christmas.

There is lovely weather beckoning you out of doors after the harsh winter and spring, so no excuse not to stretch your legs and take in the air (and the odd cafe or two)!  RRP is $29.95.  I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed walking and writing it! If you wish to order it direct through Woodslane Publishing, you can do so via this link: http://www.travelandoutdoor.com.au/title.aspx?isbn=192187435X

Do let me know what you think of the walks when you do them!

Thanks to all of you who have followed my authoring journey for this book – hope you will stay with me on the blog to whet your walking appetite for my next one, Best Walks of Geelong, the Bellarine and the Great Ocean Road, which will be out mid 2012.

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Jamieson Valley from Jamieson Lookout

Well, it’s very exciting here – have just received the proofs of the Melbourne Walks book from Woodslane Publishers and the walks and photos and maps are looking terrific! I hope you will think so too.  In the last few weeks I have been busy with the final write up and now the designer, editor and cartopgrapher are doing their magic, so the book can be printed and in the shops in September.  But with all the writing, I have been missing my regular walks – especially as the weather in Melbourne is just magnificent at the moment!  So with the family, we sneaked away from Melbourne for the weekend and headed for Jamieson, in the High Country near Mt Bulla, about 3.5 hours drive north-east of Melbourne.  We had a glorious weekend of walking amidst the autumn leaves, boating on Lake Eildon (which is beautiful and 90% full for the first time in 16 years), dodging deer hunters and even doing a bit of horse back trail riding (which just confirmed to me that I am definitely a walker, not a rider!). The Goulburn and Jamieson Rivers were in full flow and there was snow on the hilltops – and we can highly recommend the Kevington Pub – what a classic! It certainly whetted my apetitie for the next two Walks Guides on the agenda, which will be Ballarat and the Goldfields, and Geelong and the Bellarine.

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Blue Lake, Yellowgum Park, Plenty River

An unexpected break in the weather today was a big bonus for Deb and I on our walk around Blue Lake and along the Plenty River in Yellowgum Park.  The birds obviously agreed: squawking away like mad amongst the late flowering gums by the lakeside were finches, wattlebirds, grey fantails, a pied cormorant and even lots of endangered Swift Parrots.  This was a great little 3km circuit for the Melbourne Walks Book, with magnificent views up and down the Plenty River and a really lovely picnic area up by the Blue Lake lookout. With just one walk left to do (sad!), I have now listed all 44 walks by chapter headings on the ‘The Walks’ page, to whet your appetite for when Melbourne’s Best Bush Bay and City Walks is published in September.  The more walks I do, though, the more wonderful tracks I find yet to do – Melbourne offers a surprise at every turn and definitely rewards exploration!

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Had a fabulous walk around the Goldmine Heritage Trail behind Warrandyte today – wish I’d taken my torch to explore Geraghty’s tunnel – carved into solid rock.  A great walk for kids as well as adults, with stepping stones across Anderson’s Creek, gold panning possibilities and all those mines.  Stopped by Pound Bend Reserve on the way back to look at Pound Bend Tunnel, which was carved into the rock to divert an entire bend of the Yarra River while the miners fossicked for gold on the dry river bed.  With the recent rains, the river is swollen and the water is absolutely gushing out of the downstream opening of the tunnel – think grade 5 rapids!  A very impressive sight – I was keen not to fall in!!!

Pound Bend goldmining tunnel

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Sugarloaf Reservoir – before the hailstorm!

Having spent years walking in the most dire weather in Scotland and England, the thought of a bit of rain and cold wasn’t going to deter me from my planned walk around Sugarloaf Reservoir, Christmas Hills (north-east of Melbourne), yesterday.  More fool me! – at 6C and with hailstones bouncing off me, the bemused mobs of kangaroos I disturbed were clearly questioning my sanity!!  I had the place to myself (unsurprisingly!) & flocks of Eastern Rosellas, but the sunshine found me for 10 minutes, drenching everything is a wonderful saturated colour.  It’s a great walk for the family and will definitely be in the Melbourne’s Best Walks book – but perhaps aim for a kinder weather forecast when you do it!!!  Off to Churchill National Park tomorrow, hoping for a break in the weather…. (ever the optimist!!!). 

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Eastern Grey Kangaroos at Woodlands


Well, only 6 of the 42 Melbourne walks left to do, with the book due to Woodslane publishers at the end of this month.  Lots to write up and map, but will almost be sad to finish them – as what a great excuse to get out for the day without feeling guilty!  Have found some wonderful hidden treasures and surprises over the last year in developing these walks – areas I would never have come across in Melbourne otherwise. Did a lovely walk around Woodlands Historic Park last week with my son, catching the last of the autumn sunshine before the weather closed in.  Encountered huge mobs of eastern grey kangaroos – literally hundreds of them – and amazingly all within coo-ee of Tullamarine airport!!

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