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Hospital Swamp track - living up to its name!

Well, sometimes you need to know when to put a stop to your well laid plans.  Today I headed off to explore a potential walk from Hospital Swamps to Point Tait alongside Lake Connewarre, only to find, after months of above average rainfall, that it was indeed living up to its name: the path was ankle-high in water and stinky squelchy mud!  After about 15 minutes, there was no dry land in sight, so we did a quick about face and headed instead to Black Rock, on the surf side of the Bellarine Peninsula. We did a wonderful walk along the volcanic rocks, then dunes and solitary Bancoora Beach, through Breamlea and beyond for views of Point Impossible, then returned via the beach – luckily with walkable firm sand at low tide, as we were racing the rain-clouds.  A real bonus at the end was this Australian fur seal, resting from the wind and currents on the rocks.

Here comes the rain - Bancoora Beach

Australian Fur Seal at Black Rock

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