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Deb, Andrew and Gus observing social distance at Tower Hill in the Grampians.

So, life is changing daily at the moment, with new restrictions on movement being announced daily to cope with COVID-19. My planned 1000km walk adventure on the via Francigena in Italy, leaving on 6th April, has been shelves, while my heart cries for Italy, and for the rest of the world.  It seems to me though that getting out into the bush solo or in small groups (keeping at least a walking pole apart!), might very well be good for our mental health and wellbeing, and stop us from being overwhelmed.  So that’s my plan, and I can hear the bush calling.  The bonus is Deb and I have another book to research and walk: the Grampians Peaks Trail, so you know where I will be as soon as the wrigglers have disappeared back under the rocks at the end of autumn.  In the meantime, closer tracts of fresh air and bush await.  The You Yangs are a favourite go to for great views from the East West Track, and I love the RJ Hamer Aboretum in the Dandenongs. But there are lots of less-frequented places everywhere: Lerdederg State Park is a favourite, and on the weekend I stopped by Nigretta Falls in SW Victoria, which was absolutely deserted and picture perfect.

So many beautiful places close to home to renew our sense of wellbeing and normalcy.  Where are you heading to clear the head? Please take care of yourselves and those around you I these messy times, but do take time to breathe and know that ‘this too shall pass’. xxx

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St George River estuary, Great Ocean Road

OK, yes, I have to admit it – this is a fantastic day job! Have just had a terrific 3 days of walking in and around beautiful Lorne, on the Great Ocean Road, and in that time only had a taste of the magnificent walks and views in this great holiday stop where the bush and waterfalls of the Otways run down into the golden beaches and blue seas.  After recent rains, the waterfalls were magnificent, though the hot sun after a long cool spring was attracting some of our slithering friends to work on their tans, so long trousers and an eagle eye were order of the day! Don’t let this deter you from getting out there though – the bush has never looked more lush or beautiful, with lots of purple trigger plants and other wildflowers growing beside the paths as a real bonus.  There will be 6 Lorne-based walks in the new book, due out mid next year: ‘Best Walks of the Great Ocean Road and the Otways’.

Trigger plants beside the Tramway Track, Lorne.

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